Monthly Workshops

Developing the art of performance

One of the pillars of our studio, performance, is highlighted through a special series of workshops we offer throughout the academic year. 

Comprised of eight monthly workshops, each two hour session includes the following:

  • Performances by guest artists and professors

  • Themed music history presentations

  • Performances by students with peer and faculty critique

The goal of these workshops is to allow the students to explore new styles of music outside of the private lesson, and to have the opportunity to perform on a regular basis in front of peers and professionals. These regular performances will help the students become accustomed to performance and become a well-rounded music student.

Some of our past workshops include: "Latin Rhythm Experience," "Jazz and the Art of Performance," and "Homegrown: Bluegrass and Americana."

Past Workshops

  • Afro-Cuban Percussion

  • Jazz and the Arts of Performance

  • Bluegrass, Country, and Americana


Single Workshop | $20 in advance, $25 at the door

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